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12 Irish Primary School Kids Who Pure Wrecked Everyone’s Heads

By James Fenton

June 28, 2017 at 4:36pm


We grew up hearing from our parents that our school days are the best days of our lives and you know what? They weren't wrong.

In many ways it was a carefree existence. All you had do was turn up, knuckle down for about four or five hours and generally run around like a headless chicken with all your mates at lunchtime.

But let's not pretend that primary school wasn't full of d*cks. Here's a rundown of the worst kind of Irish primary school student who all had the unenviable talent of constantly ruining your day.

We're sure a lot of you teachers out there will relate to this:

1. The sporty kid

They were literally good at everything and they actually looked forward to P.E. What's that about?

2. The teacher's pet

Teacher won't be there in later life, hun. 

3. The one who told on everyone

Why? What good could come of it?

4. The annoying bully

Why are you even here?

5. The lick

Worse than the teacher's pet. At least the teacher liked the teacher's pet.

6. The nice kid

Euggh... Like, painfully nice.

7. The rebel

Oh, how we hate them, but also how can we be more like them?

8. The maths whizz

How in Christ's name is this so easy for them?

9. The gross kid

Sticky face, snotty nose. You know the one. 

10. The one who was always distracting everyone

Could someone please turn him off? Some people are trying to learn!

11. The one who everyone fancied

With their perfect hair and chiselled jawline. But are they funny? Oh, they are? Shite.

12. And finally, the one your parents always compared you to

"Well, I wonder how Thomas down the road got on in this test?"

"Shut up, Mam."

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