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20th Dec 2016

17 Photos Showcasing Just How Ridiculously Gorgeous County Donegal Is


Anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to visit the astoundingly beautiful part of the world that is Donegal will never, ever forget the staggering imagery that laid before them. 

This place makes the scenery from The Lord of the Rings look average, and brings people who’ve lived in Ireland their whole lives to their knees.

We wanted to showcase some of the best sights the county has to offer. For escapism, if nothing else. You know the way. 

1. Let’s start with this castle shall we…

Have you ever seen anything so… regal?

2. And how about this cave?

It makes you feel like you’re not even in Ireland at all. Just, how?!

3. This actual action shot from Bambi

Disney clearly set up shop up north. Casual.

4. This epic shot from Cruit Island

Which sort of looks like heaven on Earth. Low-key, like.

Image originally taken by @rory_odonnell.

5. Or this shot of Lough Finn, that looks like the most peaceful place on Earth 

Taken by @bidsybeag.

6. Even the clouds are unbelievably photogenic

Clouds, like. They’re just floating water.

7. Or this stellar piece of advice

Straight from the land itself. 

Donegal, so sound.

8. And it looks just as good in white

Some say it’s unflattering, Donegal laughs.

9. Fanad Lighthouse

Making you feel like you’re on the edge of the Earth.

10. And Lough Eske making you wonder why you live anywhere else other than there

Seriously though, what’s the hold up?

11. Donegal is also one of the only places in the world where, on a good day, you can spot Aurora Boraelis  

As seen in this absolutely incredible shot by @edmaxphotos.

12. I mean…

Just LOOK at that.

13. Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, there are castles for days

Seriously. Donegal has more castles than we’ve had hot dinners.

And we like to eat.

14. Oh, and Pride Rock just happens to be there too

Remember what we said about Disney setting up shop? 

We weren’t lying.

15. As well as the crystal clear waters of Glengad

Casual azure pools of tranquility dotted all around the place.

16. Sunsets look like this

They’ve really nailed it with the whole colour scheme thing, haven’t they?

17. And everything looks like it’s been taken from a dream you once had

Just how is this all real? And in one place?!

Amazing, how lucky we are.

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