17 Photos That Prove How Utterly Breathtaking Connemara Is

'A savage beauty'

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It's hard to even think of the name Connemara without having a little bit of a swoon. 

Your only experience of the region may be falling for someone older and bolder at Irish college, but we bet you still have a soft spot for its rolling hills and beautiful mountain ranges. 

These few pictures are only the tip of the mesmerising iceberg, so go on take a look...

1. Because this is the road you take to the shop

2. And this is the view out your bedroom window

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3. This is an old school garden

4. And this is it on a cloudy day

Ugh, it's hideous. 

Avert your eyes.

5. And this is a landmark from which you give directions

''...yeah you take a right, then a sharp left. If you pass the painstakingly glorious Benedictine monastery you've gone too far.''

6. Like, come on

How would you ever get anything done?!

7. These are your neighbours

8. And the nearby mountains look like this

The real MVPs. 

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9. And even the ruins are prettier than us at our debs

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10. The local shops are more beautiful than Cinderella

11. But staying in solitude is perfectly fine too

Because this is your back garden. The whole sea is your back garden.

12. And getting lost on a walk can lead you to a scene in The Notebook

If you're a bird, I'm a bird.

13. Going for a run in a nearby field can lead you to Narnia

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14. Because who needs mirrors when you have a casual stretch of water

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15. The locals are always totally welcoming

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16. Every picture looks photoshopped

But they're genuinely not. This is actually how it all looks. 

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17. And finally, on the right days, the whole place looks like a still from a Celtic Lion King

If that doesn't get you to go, then I don't know what will.

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