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17 Telltale Signs That The Boom Is Definitely Back

By katedemolder

February 16, 2017 at 5:00pm


Notions, cranes and overpriced macarons. That is what our country is now made of – so we can take it that the Boom is definitely back.

Have your doubts? Allow us to make our case...

1. You need to take out a mortgage for drinks once more

2. Want a taxi past 2am? 

Good luuuuck'cha. 

Rumour has it that the Celtic Phoenix has booked out all the cabs from Dublin to Galway from 1:59am onwards. 


3. Things like this are happening again

A wooden board. €60.

Let that sink in.

4. Cranes are now the soundtrack to the city once more

Ringing out true like the nation's saviours. 

5. Lunches have lost the run of themselves

6. Dog food delivery is now a thing

7. Coins are now for plebs

8. The people's food choices are suffering 

9. Even budget supermarkets are feeling the heat

10. Concert tickets priced at €280 are sold out in mere minutes

Screen Shot 2016 08 23 At 12 08 37

11. Gentrification is alive and well

12. Nothing is sacred

Was it for this that our forefathers fought for our freedom?

13. Pubs have people pouring out of them

Every. Single. Evening. 

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Photo cred:

14. Celtic Phoenix hatchlings are alive and well

15. Rent is for kings, queens and the children of nepotism only

16. New York for a day trip is being considered again

Yep, seriously.

Screen Shot 2016 08 23 At 12 34 07

Photo cred:

17. And finally, clarification that mo' money equals mo' happiness

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