17 Photos That Prove That Wexford Is Too Gorgeous For Words

Ireland's Costa Del Sol, only... better

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Ah, Wexford.

Home of huge strawberries, stellar spuds and enough camper parks to make your heart swell with childhood nostalgia. 

And, as if that wasn't enough, some of the most beautiful sights in the land. Check these...

1. Hook Lighthouse at Hook Head

Isn't it just hideous? Avert your eyes.

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2. Sunrise at Ferrybank

Sunny south east doing what it does best.

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3. This beautiful thatched cottage in south Wexford

Neither weathered, nor touched by the ravages of age.

Lucky for some...

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4. Johnstown castle, garden and pond

Just a casual Victorian castles restored meticulously to perfection. No big deal. 

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5. Didn't quite catch that? 

We said restored to PERFECTION.


6. The Blackstairs Mountains

Looking less like cumbersome mountains and more like heavenly, well, heaven.

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7. Groynes at Rosslare Strand

Groynes is potentially the ugliest word in the world, yet these still manage to be glorious.

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8. Sand dunes

Don't they just look like everybody's childhood?

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9. Sunset on River Slaney

Ah yeah.


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10. Granite formation in the Blackstairs

A large rock and grass. Yet it looks like this.

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11. This glorious view of the county in its prime

''..everywhere the light touches is The Strawberry Pickers' kingdom...''

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12. Templar church, Templetown

Did you ever think an old, crumbling pile of rubble could look this breath-taking?

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13. Lady Island lake

If it's one thing Wexford has nailed, it's seascapes.

And landscapes.

And possibly, sandscapes.

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14. Kilmore Quay

It looks like this? In the rain?!


15. Rosslare

Here we go with the groynes again... Looking like jewels in the Wexford crown.


16. Sunset from Wexford bridge

Picturesque is as picturesque does.

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17. And finally, the centre of it all

The charming Wexford town. Ain't she purdy.

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