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30th Jun 2017

18 Pictures That Are Only Funny To Those Living In Ireland


Irish humour bears an subtlety that is akin to a screaming toddler on the floor of a supermarket. 

It’s dry, out-there and a little rough around the edges – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Take a look at this round up of some classic Irish gas moments that have happened over the years – for an easy and mindless reminder as to why this little island is so full of gas beings. 

1. A child series-recording The Angelus

Spotted on Imgur.

B Egz Geng

2. This Late Late Show giving away a bag of spuds as a prize

No, really.

Img2 Thejournal 161012 171043

3. These perplexing road signs

4. This perfect, perfect road sign 

5. This genuine election poster

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6. This informative warning, spotted on a green

In Newbridge, not Monaghan.

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7. This once-in-a-lifetime deal

Ck I5 Dw9 Wuaajv U6

8. This series of tweets

Screen Shot 2016 04 28 At 11 32 29
Screen Shot 2016 04 28 At 11 32 35
Screen Shot 2016 04 28 At 11 32 41

9. This elderly divil

Ch Ey Iwwwyaerhps

10. This on-trend poster

11. This iconic newspaper article

Limerick Mother

12. This outrageous beer ad

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13. This honest, but fair, reason as to why a shop is closed

Dead right. 

14. This well-received, long-awaited headline


Screen Shot 2016 08 18 At 14 27 24


15. This genuine Late Late Show guest


16. This ode to the Boys In Green

17. This temporary bus stop 

Spotted in Galway

Cho Iud Qweaeyusw

18. And finally, Justin Bieber on the cover of Alive magazine

In what world…

Oh yeah, this one. 

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