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30th Jun 2017

This Apartment In Dublin Is More Expensive Than 43 Homes In Newbridge Or 100 Acres In Meath


This is insane. 

Upon strolling through the seemingly endless pages of, perusing through potential dream houses – we’ve grown more and more horrified with Ireland’s current housing situation, and more and more depressed at the thought that we’ll never be able to afford the luxury of a home. 

Even if we were to forego our take-away lattés in the morning…

We’ve compared housing prices between counties before, but this one’s different. Luxury apartments in Dublin are insanely expensive these days and just check out the créme de la créme of them all – The Penthouse at The Merrion Hotel

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The listing, which can be found in full right here, states that the apartment boasts two beds, three baths and a whopping €3,000,000 price tag

Yes, it’s beautiful, and the location is great – but if you’re willing to spend that sort of money, wouldn’t you rather spend it on…

43 Res Units, Town Centre, Newbridge, Co. Kildare



Just 28 miles outside of Dublin. And you’d still have €1,000,000 to play around with!

Or how about this MANSION surrounded by 11.5 acres in Cork?


”A Victorian residence on c. 11.5 acres in a magnificent location with superb views over the River Ilen estuary to the east and south. ”

Yep, 11.5 acres, a full mansion, five beds, four baths and a walled garden – all in what some would call ‘the real capital’. Aaaand you’ll still have €1,000,000 to spend doing it up whatever way you wish. 

Or maybe this 100 acre site in County Meath, the Royal County. 


”A gorgeous Georgian estate set within 100 acres of magnificent parkland and top quality agricultural land with a further 89 acres available superbly located in the heart of County Meath – a mere 50 minute drove to the capital.”

And yes, with a €2,350,000 price tag – it’s still not as pricey as the two-bed, three-bath apartment listed above. 

Bloody. Hell. 

Are you suitably horrified? We should hope so. 

Dublin prices can go and shove it, we’re all getting gaffs in Meath!

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