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09th Mar 2017

20 Things You’ll Know If You’ve Ever Been On A Night Out In Maynooth


Anyone who’s anyone has been on a night out in Maynooth.

Okay well maybe not anyone, but Gaz from Geordie Shore once visited Mantra so, you know, we’re pretty legit. 

If you went to the University, currently attend, or know someone who does, you’ve no doubt gone on the tear in Maynooth town, and if so, a lot of these things will seem very familiar.

1. Because it’s such a small town, it feels like you’ve been invited to 500+ pre-drinks in the one night.

What Do I Do

2. But you always end up going to the same one. And playing kings with your €4 wine.


3. Getting a taxi from pre-drinks even though you live a five minute walk from Main Street.


4. Bradys Wednesday. Roost Thursday. DON’T MESS WITH TRADITION. 


5. Don’t get in to one of those places on the correct day? Just switch them around, it’ll be just as jammers anyway. 


6. You still resent paying into The Roost. PAYMENT? 

But you pay it anyway because that’s where the party is at. 


7. Bradys is the sweatiest place on God’s good Earth. Yes, even after they refurbished it. That place is 90% sweat. 


8. Buying doubles at the bar in The Roost because you’ve aged a whole decade since you started queuing and you’ll be damned if you’re going to do that again in a hurry. 


9. Being forced to head to Mantra because Bradys and The Roost were packed and feeling like the oldest person in the room.


10. And you’ll still call it Mantra, no matter how many times they rename it. 


11. Spending your whole night in the smoking area of each bar… even if you don’t smoke. That’s where the craic is!


12. Except for when you’re dancing and checking yourself out in those dance floor mirrors. ‘Damn, I look good’.


13. Shifting someone on the dance floor only to break away and realise they are actually in your Tuesday morning English seminar. Worst. 

I Know You

14. Being on first name terms with all the bouncers. 


15. And it not making a jot of difference when they won’t let you in because it’s too busy.


16. If you’re from Maynooth, then your siblings have no doubt seen you in some serious states.


17. And you them … ‘I’m telling Mam.’


18. The mass exodus to the chipper come 2.30am.

The weaklings only made it as far as Mizzonis or Maximus. The strong and the brave made it all the way to McDonalds.


19. The sesh continues on Main Street. Let’s not go home, let’s just stand here with our soggy chips and run into everyone we’ve ever known.

Friends 2

20. Seeing the college gates on your slow walk home and laughing because you know you’ll never make it to that 9am lecture in the morning.


‘Lol, g’luck to ya.’

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