21 Photos That Prove Irish Wolfhounds Are The Best Dogs In The World

Beasts, so they are!

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They are one of the biggest dog breeds in the world, and if you've ever seen one you'll have been stopped in your tracks by the sheer size of them.

Originally bred for their hunting ability, they've been around since as early as 7000 BC, with mentions of them appearing in both ancient and moder Irish literature.

Now we know we don't need to defend ourselves, but just in case you don't believe us here are 21 reasons why they are the best dog breed in the world...

They don't use their size to scare their little friends

They fit right in with other animals too

They'll always find somewhere to make themselves comfy

#irlanddog #irishwolfhound #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #dog #riesenbaby

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Irish Wolfhound puppies are unbelievably cute

They can look you in the eye, and see your soul

They are incredibly obedient and easy to train

A Wolfhound and her berries...💚🍓💚 #irishwolfhound #iw #wolfhound #giantbreed #dogmama #lovemydog

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They are great around kids

Baby sister is just colouring but he's not taking any chances. If food enters the equation at any point, he'll be ready 🤓

A photo posted by Lincoln the Irish Wolfhound (@lincolnthewolfhound) on

The can greet you at the car window like this

That face though 😍🐶 #irishwolfhound #paddy

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They'll always be smiling

They'll wait longingly for you to come home

They love a good adventure

Wrapping up my weekend at the beach. It's been fun. #corbysbeachweekend2016

A photo posted by Corby Cakes (@corbythewolfhound) on

They'll make you feel safe

You can now find them all over the world

ПАРАД ИРЛАНДСКИХ ВОЛКОДАВОВ 😮 Такое шествие на фестивале «Майский граф» проводится впервыеℹ, до этого #животных сюда не привозили. Однако, мы полагаем, этой маленькой традиции тоже положено хорошее начало🌟, и в дальнейшем ни один фестиваль не обойдется без прекрасных #собак 🐕🐶или каких-либо других #зверей. #майскийграф2016 #cocktail_lv #cocktaillv #собака #suns #dog #dogs #suņi #собаки #ирландскийволкодав #irishwolfhound #парадсобак #майскийграф #майскийграф2016

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They're even smart enough to get important jobs helping humans

They love their sleep


A photo posted by Wilson Peter Smith (@wilsonthewolfhound) on

Especially in the sun

They're such handsome animals

They'll be part of the family

We had a visit from William today! 💙 @nasharawisenbaker 💙 #dogsofinstagram #wolfhound #irishwolfhound #aboyandadog

A photo posted by Tiffanie DeBartolo (@tiffaniedebartolo) on

You'll make new friends everywhere you go

That #irishwolfhound tho 😍 and of course the #corgis ❤️❤️❤️ #Barkfest #barkbox #nyc

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They try their very best to fit in

There's no doubt about it... Irish Wolfhounds are the best dogs in the world

Naoise / #irishwolfhound #giantdog #instadogs

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