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6 Apps You Need To Have If You're A Dog Lover

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Think your phone could do with a pupgrade? Was it once pawesome, but now looking a little ruff?

Look no further than these six apps to retrieve the life you've always dreamed of. Pup in tow.

1. iClicker

What is it? iClicker is a dog training app. 

Why is it so good? It's basically the same as using any old clicker, but it's free, and you have the joy of knowing you're not going to lose the clicker in question. Huzzah!

How much? Free.

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2. iKibble

What is it? iKibble is a digital list of dog food ingredients, showing which food your dog can eat and which food it really shouldn't. 

Why is it so good? Because when your dog chows down some avocado at three in the morning, and you stress out wondering if it's going to be really ill or not, you can just turn to this app and put your mind at ease. Investing in your dog’s physical health today, as well as your own peace of mind.

How much? €0.99

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3. Doggy Datez

What is it? Tinder for dog walkers. Well, not quite as intense. A location-based app that makes it easier to find new friends and have more fun while walking your dog.

Why is it so good? DoggyDatez helps you find furry friends to have playdates with near you. There’s also a Foursquare-like function that allows you to “mark your territory”, per sé, so other dogs and their walkers know who’s the big dog in town. Figuratively, not literally.

How much? Nothing at all.

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4. BarkCam

What is it? BarkCam is the first app designed to allow you to take and share great photos of your pup. 

Why is it so good? The app has a function that gets your dog all perked up and actually looking at the camera. If that’s not life changing enough, you can also add stickers, filters and make memes of man's best friend. Hours of entertainment.

How much? Free.

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5. BringFido

What is it? BringFido is an app in which you can locate pet-friendly hotels, dog parks, dog friendly walking spots and beaches – for when you both want to get away.

Why is it so good?  With the app, you can find nearby attractions, upcoming dog events, and local resources such as dog walkers, groomers, minders, veterinarians, and pet shops. You can also use the app to post a new pet-friendly location and share a photo of your dog enjoying their favourite spot, and add a review for the next person.

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6. Fourpaws

What is it? Fourpaws is an app which allows you to like or skip your way through dogs available for adoption in Ireland.

Why is it so good? The dog profiles are randomly generated, and any which a user doesn’t like won’t be shown again.Once a perfect match is found, you can apply to adopt the dog immediately through the free app.

If you’re a dog-lover who, unfortunately, is not in a position to adopt a dog, you can also make a donation to any of the rescues through the app.

How much? Free.

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