23 Undeniable Tastes Of An Irish Childhood

By katedemolder

March 1, 2017 at 3:51pm


We've established time and again how an Irish childhood is different from the others. 

Combining teachers commanding you to 'téigh a chodladh' when they were sick of you, playing Red Rover at any given opportunity and praising a telly on wheels – it's quite a ride. 

But what we're interested in, is the treats we used to get, used to buy for a penny (thems were the days) and sly from the press when no-one was watching. 

This is our ode to them. 

1. Infant Calpol

Manna from heaven.

Photo cred: Ocado

2. Roy Of The Rovers bars

Which you can STILL BUY right here

Photo cred: Pinterest

3. TK Lemonade

Our teeth are blackening just thinking of it. 

4. Liga

Baby biscuits?

Human biscuits. 

Photo cred: It's All Dutch To Me

5. Angels Delight

A dentist's nightmare.

Serve in a fancy glass or GTFO. 

Photo cred: Live Journal

6. Wexford strawberries

All those summers spent in Curracloe, stopping on the motorway for healthy treats. 

Photo cred: twoheads.ie

7. Funny Feet ice creams

Gross, yet delicious. 

Photo cred: Daily Mail UK

8. Cadet Cola

Somehow, this often tasted corked. 

We thought that could only happen to wine. 

Photo cred: 21food

9. Snax

The bag was always WAY TOO SMALL.

Photo cred: Penny Jellies

10. Billy Roll

Teaching us to love coloured in food from an early age. 

11. Fruit Salad sweets

Fruit Salad, my eye. 

Photo cred: Pinterest

12. Bullseyes

Literal balls of sugar. 

Photo cred: We Luv Sugar

13. Cidona 

Sitting up at the pub with a pint of Cidona.

No one would ever know...

14. Edible money

Remember this came in when the Euro did?

Photo cred: Planet Candy

15. Fake Cigarettes

♫ I love bad bitches that's my fuckin' problem ♫

Photo cred: Collecting Superman

16. Flying saucers

Two ingredients: sugar, and cardboard. 


Photo cred: Keep It Sweet

17. Winders

Truly the gift that kept on giving. 

18. Dairylea Lunchables

Plastic ham 'n' cheese – what more could you want?

19. Frubes

It's like they were programmed to burst in your schoolbag. 

20. Fish fingers

Debatable as to whether it was made of real fish or not – considering they tasted like soft wood. 

Photo cred: The Independent

21. Communion bread

Body of Christ.


Photo cred: Pinterest

22. Mr Freeze

Sticky, sticky goodness. 

23. And finally, ketchup and potato waffles

Breakfast of champions. 

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