27 Rites Of Passage We All Experienced Growing Up In Ireland

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


At times, it seems like Ireland is almost like one big family. 

We all know each other, look the same and all seemed to go through the exact same childhood. Yes, we ALL had sherry trifle after Christmas dinner, and got a told by our siblings that we were adopted. 

But these are just the tip of the iceberg, here are 27 more (fond?) memories from growing up in Ireland...

1. Getting shit tonnes of money at your Communion

It's the richest you may possibly ever be... Until you spend it all on pedal pushers and penny sweets.

2. Your first shift at a GAA disco

Back when boys were men, and Lynx Africa was sold out everywhere. 

3. Underage discos in general

Dark rooms full of anti-perspirant and hope. 

4. Staying up all night for the madness of The Late Late Toy Show

Even though your poor body wilted like a flower after10pm.

5. GAA Summer camps

Good clean fun, organised by the unspoken heroes of our country. What more could you want?

Most improved player FTW. 

6. Going for a drive to pass the time

What? Why?!

WHERE were we going?

7. Learning the tin whistle

Rumour has it that 95% of the Irish population can play Frère Jacques on the tin whistle, on the spot.

Or recorder, if you're fancy.

8. Falling desperately in love at Irish College

Gaeltacht love is real, Gaeltacht love is life.

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9. Drinking in a field

Downing naggins and being wary of the opposite sex.

Simpler times. 

10. Buying out the sweet shop for Eurovision

'I'll take the change in jellies.'

11. Settling everything by games of rounders

Still the fairest currency known to man. 

Photo cred: www.moorpark.org

12. Picking a graduation song

Come hell or high water, you and your 100+ classmates will decide on a song together and sing it together in the church like the little cherubs you are. Take That - Never Forget FTW.

Take a tip from these lads. Dotes, the lot of them. 

13. Going to a funeral of someone's name you don't know

This will happen at least thrice in your life.

14. Being miraculously cured by flat 7-Up again and again

And consequently disregarding modern medicine for all its worth.

Photo cred: meanwhileinireland.com

15. Preaching the gospel according to Alive-O

Ain't no finer bible. 

16. Being mildly horrified, but wholly invested in Muzzy Mór

Not sure whether he was friend or foe, but he certainly knew how to pass the time.

17. Watching The Den religiously every morning at the crack of dawn

Oh Snotser, we hardly knew ye. 

18. Learning to drive in a field

Because you're a grown up (sort of) and you should be able to drive and get McDonalds whenever you like!

19. Having to sit politely through 21 kisses at your 21st

All the while not letting on that your body feels like molten lava.

20. Having a wagon of an Irish dancing/speech and drama/swimming teacher

Plucked from the fiery pits of hell itself. 

21. Breaking your confirmation pledge


22. Scouring the nearby villages for someone whose ID you could potentially get away with

How else were you going to hit up the converted barn/local nightclub of your area?

23. Leaping five feat in the air, no matter what you're doing, upon hearing the dulcet tones of the Riverdance intro

Like a force of sexy nature. 

24. Meeting someone at the Clery's clock

Far from The Spire we were reared. 

Photo cred: designergrp.com

25. Trying desperately to remember the prayer of Confession

Not a day goes by that we don't worry about unknowingly committing mortal sins.

26. Mucking up the CAO at least three times before finally committing to something

AND adding up your points wrong in the excitement of results day...

Photo cred: www.maynoothuniversity.com

27. And finally, going on a J1

A summer of Four Loko, eight bodies to a bed and convincing locals that we do in fact have electricity in Ireland.

Thems were the days...

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