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6 Apps For Coffee Enthusiasts You Need To Download This Week

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


In recent years, coffee has become almost as important as food to foodies worldwide.


Whether you love it or loathe it, it's everywhere, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Impress your mates by honing your barista skills this weekend, they'll be in absolute awe...

1. KoHi 

What is it? KoHi, by KoHi Labs, is the number one coffee app for those who make coffee professionally (or those who just want to perfect their barista skills at home). It contains pretty much every piece of coffee information you could ever want.

Why is it so good? The brew calculator, timer, and recipe manager allows you to select what type of pour-over method you're using (Chemex? French press? AeroPress?!) and will help ensure that your coffee is the best it can be.

It just means no more fretting about your beans-to-water ratio, or how long you should let them infuse. Just put in how much coffee you want to brew, how you're going to brew it, and KoHi will work out the rest.

How much? €2.99

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2. Bloom Coffee Timer

What is it? Bloom is the fan favourite when it comes to coffee timer apps, with baristas and coffee lovers alike deeming it indispensable when it comes to home brewing. 

Why is it so good? It comes with plenty of pre-set options: Aeropress, Beehouse, Bonmac, Chemex, Clever, Eva Solo, French Press, Kalita Wave, Siphon, and V60. Each preset comes with the recommended coffee/water ratio, bloom time, steep time, and pour time. The best part about Bloom, however, is its ability to be customised. Any of the recipes can be tweaked according to your personal preferences or type of bean. 

How much? €2.99

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3. Intelligentsia

What is it? Intelligentsia produces some of the best beans in the world, so it comes as no surprise that their brewing app is equally as brilliant. Intelligentsia is an app that goes through detailed explanations on every step of the brewing process, from grinding beans to prepping filters, allowing you to become a well-read coffee nerd in no time at all.

Why is it so good? The ‘Brewing’ section has six different brew methods to choose from: Cafe Solo, Pourover, Chemex, Cupping, Siphon Brewer, and French Press. Tapping on any of these will bring up a comprehensive, illustrated, fully step-by-step brewing guide for that method. 

How much? Free

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4. Spro

What is it? Spro is your key to making the perfect espresso, every time.

Why is it so good? If you aspire to be a home brewer but lack the knowledge, Spro will give you all the skills you need. The app teaches you how to make 14 essential espresso-based drinks through simple visual tutorials, with well built diagrams. The perfect tool for perfectionists. Perfect!

How much? €1.99

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5. Barista

What is it? Barista is an app that helps you save money, rather than spend it in cafés, by showing you how to enjoy great coffee at home.

Why is it so good? Barista gives you absolutely everything you need to learn to use your espresso machine the way it should be used. It contains easy to follow, illustrated and step-by-step instructions for making many popular drinks, as well as detailed video tutorials covering the basics of how to get the most out of your machine. It even includes a glossary of coffee terms so you don’t get lost in jargon!

How much? Nothing at all

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6. Acaia Coffee 

What is it? Acaia is an app that does all of the calculating and brewing help that coffee enthusiasts need every now and then.

Why is it so good? It does all this wile allowing you to share your hints, tips and tricks with a social network of Acaia Coffee users. Ideal for home-brewers, looking to collect the coffee secrets of the world.

How much? Free

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