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7 Apps That Every Beer Lover Needs To Download – From Brewing To Tasting And Everything In Between

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


What two things possibly go better together than technology and pints?

Well, maybe crisps and pints. Or no responsibilities and pints. But technology and pints is pretty up there. 

We swear.

1. Untappd

What is it? Untappd is a craft beer lover's fantasty app, listing nearby establishments which serve craft beer, so you can get an idea of available options and plan before you leave the house.

Why is it so good? User reviews and photos also paint a picture of what to expect from said establishment, aiding your choice even further. This app will also recommend different beers, give you badges as you try out more, give you the ability to compete with friends AND Untappd also works as a beer journal, keeping track of the beers you like and dislike, based on ratings.

How much? Free. 

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2. BJCP Styles

What is it? BJCP Styles is rated as one of the best beer education apps out there. It's named as such because it goes by the guidelines from the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), which offers official certification for judging craft beer.

Why is it so good? App users can type in the name of any beer and the app will dig through its archives to offer information about the brew's history, ingredients, flavour, aroma, appearance and then some.

How much? Nada.

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3. Beer?!

What is it? Beer?! is an app in which you can message your mates for one thing and one thing only: to ask if they want to go out for a beer.

Why is it so good? The app pretty much bombards your selected friends with a slew of push notifications that say "Beer?!" in a hilarious voice. Necessary.

How much? Nothing at all.

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4. iBrewMaster

What is it? Recognised the world over as one of the best apps of its kind, iBrewMaster aims to get you started in the art of brewing your own beer. It comes with 50 pre-installed recipes, but more are available to buy through the app.

Why is it so good? For personal brewing, the app provides estimations regarding alcohol content, calories, colour and IBUs (the International Bittering Units scale), a measure of the actual bitterness of a beer. iBrewMaster guides users through the whole process, offering info on everything from ingredients to the fermenting process to bottling options.

How much? €6.99, but beer brewing books and classes are far more expensive, so you're getting quite a bargain here.

  • Download on iOS
  • Its android counterpart is currently under construction, but check here for continuous updates.

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5. SipSnapp

What is it? While many apps claim to be proficient at scanning barcodes, only very few actually work and SipSnapp is the best of the bunch.

Why is it so good? It delivers accurate barcode scanning to provide relevant into on the product, including ABV (alcohol by volume), reviews and ratings. 

How much? €0.99

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6. Bar & Happy Hour Finder

What is it? Bar & Happy Hour Finder shows you establishments in the vicinity which are currently hosting a happy hour. 

Why is it so good? It gives you the option to filter through different bars, meaning you can pick whether you want to hit up a champagne bar, a karaoke bar or bar and lounge. And mainly, you never have to buy a full price pint again. Not particularly active in Ireland, but a good one if you're on your travels...

How much? Zilch

7. Pintley

What is it? Think IMDB meets Facebook, at a bar. Pintley is part enormous beer database while also being part social network. 

Why is it so good? Users of Pintley can rate beers they like and dislike, which then leads the app to sort you out with recommendations and pints. What's SUPER great is that users are entered into a draw each month and three winners chosen at random get free gift cards for craft beer. 

How much? Not a cent.

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