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20th Dec 2016

Roz Purcell’s New Line Of Beauty Products Look Fantastic

Alana Laverty

A total whiz in the (extremely healthy) kitchen, seriously stunning, fit as a fiddle and with the brains to boot, Roz Purcell has just launched the first of her beauty products. 

And we are already checking our bank balances and getting ready to purchase. 

Priced at €18.95, Roz has launched two scrubs – one sugar, one coffee. 

Our two favourite things <3 

“I constantly get asked about my beauty routines and in fact they have always been so minimal. Growing up my mother was very conscious of the products we used and she stressed the importance of taking care of our skin- we have been making sugar and salt scrubs from a very young age combined with all the foods we love so much!”


Is there anything this gal can’t do?

“It’s important to take care of your body it’s the same one your going to have for the rest of your life- your both in it together – ripen well!”


She’s dead right. 

Check it:

Coffee Bean Scrub with Sugar and Sweet Almond Oil 

Sugar Scrub with Lemon and Avocado Oil 

They sound good enough to eat. 

These two products are currently available for pre-order – check ’em out here

Here’s hopin’ she brings out even more healthy, wholesome and glam beauty products! 

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