This Holy-Grail Beauty Product Dupe Has Just Landed In Penneys

They are seriously upping their game

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Penneys have been making waves in the beauty world recently.

Firstly, with these cool oval makeup brushes – for a fraction of a fraction of the price of the of the originals. But still really good. 


And now with a new product a lot of beauty-crazed guys and gals will recognise as a dupe for Ben Nye's Banana Face Powder – a favourite with the Kardashians and famous for that bright under-eye look so many strive for. 

The Penneys 'PS...' brand banana powder retails for just €4 and is apparently flyingggg off the shelves. 

Here's a lil review compared to the real deal:

A post shared by Elīna (@makeupmadness107) on

I'm ragin' writing this article 'cos I know they'll be long gone by the time I finish work and set out in search of some. 


Let's just hope it becomes a regular.

Header image: @makeupmadness107 on Instagram. 

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