13 Of The Funniest Tweets From Around The World Over The Last Week

'My sister: 'What eyeshadow are you wearing? It looks really nice.' Me: 'Eczema.''


We've taken a liking to collecting a few of the best Irish tweets of the week, but then we thought: 'why stop there?'

So we've taken our tweets of the week global, and boy, aren't we chuffed with the results.

Here's some of the absolute best we could find. Read 'em and weep (with joy). 

1. This dad talking to his little girl about boyfriends

The chat got heated, to say the least.

2. This enthused opinion about celebrated film


3. Music is dead @Liam_Fountain

4. Expectation minus reality with @AdamSerwer

5. Press play with @hs_wilkins

6. Make up tips with @ChristinaMcMc

7. Life is tough with @DickKingSmith

That dog is all of us.

8. The hard questions with @jonnysun

9. The Beyoncé effect with @robfee

10. Everyday advice with @historyinflicks

11. Real talk with @maxkeiser

12. A natural progression with @sarahbuckz

13. And finally, this enormous realisation with @etienneshrdlu

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