15 Of The Very Best #GrowingUpIrish Tweets

When your nana tells you her wifi password is 'StAnthony1'

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Ahh, growing up Irish.

It seems we were all frightened by spoons made of wood, forgetting to flick a switch in the hot press and accidentally touching flowers called 'piss-in-the-beds'.

How quaint. 

#GrowingUpIrish has been the cause of many giggles over the past few days on Twitter, so here's some of our favourites from the bunch...

1. Cultural appreciation with @Colmogorman

2. Art with @davemcginn_ie

3. Primary school with @GerryMcBride

4. Chemistry with @SenLynnRuane

5. Biology with @YolandaChiara

6. Crucial slang with @janoskian_drugs

7. A mother's love with @MeganGethin

8. Technology with @kickthecj_

9. Responsibilities with @Af123Bio

10. Geography with @IrishUnity

11. Getting over yourself with @wheresclair

12. Economics with @swingking

13. Weather with @pegcxrter

14. Religion with @willstleger

15. And finally, watching yourself with @david75donovan

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