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15 Things All Irish People Do When It's Fecking Roasting Outside

By James Fenton

June 21, 2017 at 2:24pm


While the weather we've been having recently has been most welcome, it doesn't come without its problems. 

For instance, any time the mercury rises to over 25 degrees, it's generally considered as 'too hot'. 

We wait all year for weather like this and when it comes around people generally don't know what to do with themselves.

Here are 15 things every Irish person does when it's fecking roasting outside:

1. Complain

"Too hot."

2. Take up a new sport

There's generally a spike in wannabe Andy Murrays wandering about the place.

3. Sweat


4. Compare the weather to popular summer destinations

"Today's supposed to hotter than Lanzarote, no less."

5. Attempt a mediocre BBQ

Burnt to a crisp burgers. 

6. Hit the beer garden

Or alternatively...

7. Drink cans

A big bag thereof. 

8. Go to Bray

AKA sit in traffic for two hours. 

9. Wear too many clothes

T'would be foolish to go out without a jumper. 

10. Or too little 

Well, it is summer. 

11. Forget/refuse to wear suncream

Usually refuse. 

12. Turn the music up in their cars

Windows down, system pumping. 

13. Stay inside

Don't risk it. Netflix is your friend.

14. Drink cider

Or several. 

15. And finally, go shopping

For some reason, shopping centres are always jammers on hot days. 

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