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06th Jun 2017

This Is How Much Money You Could Save Every Year By Giving Up Drinking


“That’s it. I’m giving up the drink.”

It’s fair to say that the majority of Irish people have uttered these immortal words at some point of their lives… and it’s usually midway through a dose of The Fear.

If you’re currently in the throes of Bank Holiday exhaustion and need some extra motivation to stay on the wagon – we’ve done some in-depth calculations to see just how much cash you would save if you didn’t buy another pint for the next twelve months.

According to Alcohol Ireland, the average Irish drinker puts away 46 bottles of vodka, 130 bottles of wine, or 498 pints of beer every year.

Basing our figures on someone who drinks pints at an average price of €5.07 (according to the Pint Price calculator), that adds up to a whopping €2,525 annually.

Add in a weekly hangover takeaway and a taxi home at €10 each, and you’ve got a grand total of €3,605…

…which could get you a dream holiday for two to a dream resort in the Maldives, like the one below.

Screen Shot 2017 05 01 At 15 31 00

Food for thought, eh?

Even though we’re not quite sure that we’re ready to part ways with our weekly session just yet…

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