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13th Feb 2017

WATCH: This Irish Girl’s Video About Her Battle With Cancer Is The Most Important Thing You’ll See Today


Meet Shan.

Shan is a 18-year-old girl from Carlow fighting a rare form of multi system Histiocytosis X which is both an autoimmune and rare cancer disease. She is documenting her journey both on Facebook and YouTube due to the extremities and rarity of her disease. 

However, treatment for this exceptionally rare type of cancer can only be found in Texas – and as you can imagine, the hospital bills are extortionate. 

She and her family have discussed her current health with her primary care physician in Texas Children’s Hospital, and it has been decided that her best chance to beat this is to move her to Texas indefinitely in order to find a combination that her body will respond to and get her to the healthy young adult she desires to be.

After much negotiation, the quote for this has come in at $527,000, which needs to be raised by September 28. 

Watch her video below for more details. 

Absolutely heart-breaking. 

If you have €1 or €5 or even €10 to spare, please let it go to Shan. She needs it more than we’ll ever fully comprehend, and donating is just so easy to do. 

A huge amount of money has already been raised, but a lot more is still needed. 

You can donate any money you possibly can right here. She would really really appreciate it, and it would be the kindest deed in the world. 

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