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13th Feb 2017

We Are Obsessed With These 5 Innovative Food Blogs

Alana Laverty

With the likes of Snapchat and Instagram it’s hard to avoid food porny pics on the daily. 

And if that’s what you’re into then you’ll love these five food blogs and their brilliant social media presences. 

From Ireland to Amsterdam and New York to London – here are seven innovative and unique food sites who are really shaking up the blogosphere. 

1. Eat Like A Girl 

Who: I’ve been following Niamh on Snapchat and Instagram for a while now and it’s safe to say I am OBSESSED. 

Where: She’s Irish but lives in London and is so quirky and innovative with her recipes. 

Fave recipe: She made congee (savoury Asian porridge) step-by-step on her Snap recently and I was drooling, the recipe is on her blog. She’s also currently as obsessed with Korean kimchi as I am. 

Check out her blog and Instagram, or add her on Snapchat: eatlikeagirl. 

2. Brothers Green Eats

Who: These brothers, Josh and Mike, are absolute legends and are so passionate about crazy and tasty food. They once had a show on MTV but now focus on YouTube – their videos are so cool, unpredictable, addictive and have millions of views. 

Where: Brooklyn, New York – so they have some of the best food in the world at their fingertips and often go out and explore it. 

Fave recipe: It’s so hard to pick just one, but they often do cool videos like “How to Eat Incredibly Well on $3 A Day” and “10 Creative Recipes Using Just An Egg“.

Check out their blog, YouTube or Instagram

3. Cravings in Amsterdam 

Who: Her name’s Paola and she’s a cook, freelance recipe developer, food stylist and food/lifestyle photographer. Eh, dream jobs?! 

Where: She’s from Peru but lives in The ‘Dam, as her blog name would suggest! 

Fave recipe: I recently tried her peanut butter ramen with marinated chicken (as pictured food-pornfully below) and it blew my mind. 

Check out her blog or follow her on Instagram to see some of the most fantastic food porn in your feed every day. 

4. The Flavour Diaries 

Who: Victoria starting blogging to show that eating in, healthily and on a budget doesn’t have to be boring – but if you take a look at the pics of the food she makes at home you’d never guess that its homemade. Her presentation skills are on point. 

Where: She’s Irish but was born and grew up in Greece which is where she says she gets her passion for food from. 

Fave recipe: I have struggled with Hollandaise sauce for years. I can just never get it right, it either curdles and separates or congeals and hardens. I tried Victoria’s “easy Hollandaise” recipe once and nailed it. Haven’t looked back since. 

Check out here blog and Instagram

5. SORTEDfood

Who: These lads, Barry, Ben, Jamie and Mike, are gas craic. I’ve been following them on YouTube for years – their recipes are simple but ones that you always want to try after watching. 

They describe themselves as a global community, because essentially anyone can get involved and contribute to SORTED. 

Where: Their team are based in London, another food mecca. 

Fave recipe: Their ramen noodle burger, I wouldn’t normally be into making something so extravagant. But wow. This is amazing. 

Check out their website, Instagram and YouTube

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