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03rd Apr 2023

Rentokil issue warning as flea infestations likely in coming months

Fiona Frawley

There’s a higher chance of flea infestation as temperatures rise heading into the summer months.

Irish pest control company Rentokil have issued a warning for households to keep an extra eye out for fleas over the coming months.  The insects generally tend to become more active at this time of year, and multiply in massive numbers as they breed.

A bite from an adult flea can cause itching and discomfort, especially for animals. Children are also at risk of being bitten, particularly when playing on the floor – especially on carpeted areas and rugs.

Fleas tend to become more active in Ireland at this time of year. Image via Shutterstock.

How to prevent fleas

While fleas struggle to compete with vacuum cleaners and insecticides, they still have the potential to thrive in Irish households. To prevent an infestation in your home, Rentokil advise the following:

  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Wash pet bedding weekly, ideally at above 50°C.
  • Other wildlife such as foxes, rabbits, rodents and deer also carry fleas – when your pets are outside they can easily pick up these fleas and bring them back, so check them regularly using flea combs.
  • Larvae feed on organic matter in carpets, bedding & furnishings. You need to try and remove any potential food supply to prevent fleas.
  • When moving into a new home inspect carpets and flooring carefully for signs of eggs or ‘flea dirt’. If the previous owners had pets the flea larvae might be waiting for you.

Where to find them

Fleas can affect any part of Ireland, but the counties which have accounted for the most callouts for fleas from September 2022 until February 2023 were: Waterford (13% of total callouts), Kerry (10%); Dublin (10%); and Cork (4%).

Header image via Shutterstock