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31st Mar 2023

TikToker called ‘Christ-like’ for sneaking wine into a festival concealed in bread loaf

Fiona Frawley

wine in bread music festival

A hack for the ages.

A woman was dubbed “a Christ-like figure” after sneaking a bottle of wine into a music festival in a hollowed-out loaf of sourdough bread.

Alexandria Funnell, 34, went to see the band Bon Iver at Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Friday 3, March, 2023, with her friend, Lauren, 34, and didn’t want to spend the night queuing for drinks at the bar.

She came up with an ingenious way to save time and money – buying a $1.75 load of bread and hollowing it out to hide a $15 bottle of cabernet sauvignon.

Alexandria claims nobody suspected a thing as she poured the wine from the bread into red plastic cups – as concert goers were allowed to bring in food.

Social media users have compared Alexandria pouring wine from bread to a scene from the bible and have even called her Jesus.

She even used the hollowed out bread to make cheesy garlic bread when she got home.

Alexandria, a TV producer, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, said: “It’s a bit silly and ridiculous but there’s always such a big line for drinks so I thought maybe we should smuggle in some wine.

“I’m a rule bender and opportunistic. I prioritise comfort and practicality at concerts.

“We had already paid $200 for a ticket.

“You were allowed to bring snacks in so I thought maybe we should take some bread in and hide the wine.

“We got past security and didn’t end up lining up for drinks.

“The comments on the video have been wild – people have been saying I’m our new modern saviour.”


One TikTok user said: “You’re Jesus.”

Another said: “Jesus said bread and wine.”

Lauren also managed to sneak in a hip flask of whiskey.

Alexandria added: “My friend also snuck in a flask of whiskey.

“There was something beautiful about whiskey and wine and listening to Bon Iver under the stars.”

Alexandria ensured nothing went to waste – she made the hollowed bread into cheesy garlic bread and they ate the sourdough loaf.

“It was fresh and fluffy and delicious, we had it with dips cheese and ham,” she said.

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