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28th Mar 2022

Food safety concerns over ‘unsafe’ counterfeit Wonka branded chocolate bars

Emily Mullen

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has issued a warning about counterfeit chocolate bars.

The FSAI has issued a serious warning about buying and consuming Wonka chocolate bars, due to the high level of counterfeit chocolate bars being sold in Ireland.

The warning issued on March 28, warned Irish consumers not to buy or eat Wonka branded chocolate bars, due to reports of a high level of counterfeit chocolate bars for sale bearing the brand name.

These counterfeit bars “may be unsafe to eat,” the FSAI have warned, “as there is a possibility that they may not have been produced in line with food safety, hygiene and/or food traceability legal requirements to protect public health,” the statement reads.

Some of the counterfeit products have reported to the organisation so far have included these four indicators, which the FSAI are encouraging customers to watch out for:

1. No accurate ingredients list e.g., undeclared ingredients and allergens on the label
2. A false business name and address on the label

3. Shop bought/homemade chocolate bars have been rewrapped in Wonka wrappers

4. Unregistered food businesses selling these products online

Speaking on the high level of counterfeit chocolate bars in circulation in Ireland at the moment Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive of the FSAI urged consumers to be aware of the possible risks posed by these counterfeit chocolate bars.

“The FSAI is working closely with the food inspectors in the Environmental Health Service of the HSE to ensure any counterfeit Wonka branded chocolate bars where there is a known or suspected consumer health risk are removed from sale,” Dr Byrne has said, adding, “consumers have a right to safe food and counterfeit foodstuffs will be pursued using the legal powers available to us.”

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