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27th Nov 2017

Grab Your Umbrella – The Weather Is Going To Be Miserable Today


We’ve just made it through a fairly cold and miserable weekend, but sadly the bad weather looks set to continue. 

Met Eireann has predicted “heavy and prolonged” showers across the country today, with some local hail and thunder. 

The rain will be especially heavy in southwestern, western and northern areas. 

It’s going to be pretty chilly too, with highest temperatures of 6 to 9 degrees but feeling colder because of strong winds. 

If you’re anywhere near northern coasts, watch out – the winds will reach gale force there this afternoon. 

Temperatures will dip even further tonight, with wintry showers and a risk of ice. 

“Turning cold under clearing skies with frost forming, together with a risk of icy patches and lowest temperature of 0 to 3C,” a forecaster said. 

Tuesday and Wednesday will also be bitterly cold, falling as low as -2 at night. 

Wrap up warm, folks!

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