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27th Nov 2017

This “Racist” Cartoon Published In The UK Telegraph Has Irish People Up In Arms


The good ol’ internet is no stranger to controversy  – its platform is home to many an online thread of outrage, but the latest thing to spark people’s temper is a cartoon that was published in The Telegraph over the weekend. 

The cartoon, which is based on an old Guinness ad which saw a zookeeper risk his life just to save a pint of Guinness from being eaten by a crocodile, depicts Theresa May crawling into the jaws of a crocodile.

The crocodile represents the EU, and the stout is eh, meant to represent Ireland. Which might explain why people are getting pretty worked up about the stereotype of the “drunk Irish” being used yet again… 

Except this time, it seems like we’re being used as bait by the EU to lure Theresa May into making a deal.

People are calling the cartoon “racist” and “really lazy”

What do you think? Does the stereotype of Ireland being synonymous with Guinness need to end?

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