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14th Jan 2021

Health Minister – ‘4.2 million on track to be vaccinated in Ireland by October’

Rory Cashin

Over 8 millions doses of the vaccine are set to arrive in Ireland by the end of September.

Yesterday, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly announced that at least 700,000 people will receive their first dose (if not also their second) by the end of March, effectively covering the first three groups of prioritisation in Ireland, which includes all those living and working in nursing homes, all frontline workers, and everyone aged 70 and over.

In a follow-up letter to TDs on Wednesday night, Minister Donnelly also stated that a further 7.5 million doses should the arrive in Ireland between April and the end of September, and that this would allow for the vaccination of a total of 4.2 million people by October.

As reported by Newstalk, Donnelly’s letter stated the following:

“We expect to receive approximately 3.7 million does from April to the end of June and 3.8 million between July and the end of September.

“It is important to stress that our projections and timelines are constantly evolving as more vaccines are approved and delivery schedules finalised.”

Minister Donnelly also stated that the second phase of the vaccine rollout will only be limited by the supply of the vaccine itself, and that the government would be making use of GPs, pharmacists and mass vaccination centres in an attempt to get the vaccine to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

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