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12th Jan 2021

Two scientists create COVID calculator for Ireland that predicts when you’ll get the vaccine

Rory Cashin

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It will give you your estimated place in the vaccine queue in Ireland, and when you might expect to receive your first and second doses.

Since the introduction of the vaccine in Ireland – and the first person in Ireland to receive the vaccine on December 29 last year – it is likely one of the primary questions you’ve been asking yourself is when you might be getting the vaccine yourself.

That is something that physicist Steven Wooding and mathematician Maciej Kowalski have attempted to answer with their new vaccine queue calculator for Ireland.

Using information from the Provisional Vaccine Allocation Groups information provided by the Irish government, the two scientists have put together a formula that will help give a rough estimation, although it is entirely based on the current availability and speed of the vaccines currently in use.

Head to the calculator site right here, and you’ll be asked to input your details about your age, health, occupation, pregnancy status, and a few more simple questions.

From there, the calculator will work out – using current information on the speed of the rollout of the vaccine in Ireland – how many people are roughly ahead of you in the queue for the vaccine.

It will also estimate a date when you can expect to get the first dose of the vaccine, and the estimated date of the second dose.

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