Here Are The 5 Biggest Sacrifices Parents Make For Their Kids, According To A New Study

98% of Irish parents admitted that having children came with big sacrifices

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A new survey has just revealed the biggest sacrifices Irish people have had to make for their children.

iReach Insights surveyed 1,001 parents for Laya Healthcare to give an insight in Irish families. The study found that 77% of parents want a big family but feel they couldn't afford it. One in five people believe that only rich people can afford a big family.

The vast majority of Irish parents feel that kids come with big sacrifices, necessitating the use of cost-saving measures to get by, such as having their children bathe together, going on 'staycations', and pretending their kids are younger to avail of discounts.

Here are the five biggest sacrifices that parents make for their kids:

5. Going on fewer holidays (67%).

4. Spending less on themselves (68%) 

3. Going out less (68%)

2. Not eating out as much (70%)

1. Not replacing the car as often (72%)

How do these sacrifices sound to you? Let us know in the comments.

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