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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Make Any Plans For July 15 Of This Year

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If you want to remain in any way popular with your mates this year, you best leave July 15 free. 

If you have plans to get married or wet the baby’s head, you better prepare for half of your party to be glued to their phones or the nearest TV screen. The Sunday, which falls smack bang in the middle of summer, will see some of the highest-profile sporting events of the year unfold before our eyes.

Firstly, the GAA Calendar on July 15 will be choc-a-block…

Featuring both an All-Ireland football AND hurling quarter-final…

Throw in the World Cup Final, consistently the globe’s most anticipated sporting event…

Of course, it would be better craic if Ireland were in it but sure what can ya do? Maybe next time.

Finally, the men’s Wimbledon final is scheduled to take place at pretty much the same time…

How can you expect people to play tennis when the rest of the world is transfixed on events over in Russia?

If you’ve anything lined up for Sunday July 15, you can be sure that people generally won’t give too much of a shite so you might be better off rearranging it. 

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