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22nd Dec 2017

HSE Issue Warning That ‘Aussie Flu’ Has Reached Ireland


The HSE are urging the public to get vaccinated against influenza after it reported that the number of flu-like cases in Ireland has increased in the past week.

The flu is now said to be “actively circulating” the country.

The main strain of the virus putting people at risk is the A (H3N2), according to the Irish Independent. This exact strain was also circulating the country last winter.

It was given it’s name ‘Aussie Flu’ after causing a major outbreak in cases in Australia during their winter time.

Dr. Kevin Kelleher of the HSPC said that flu rates are “above the baseline threshold” which means it is actively circulating in the community.  

He said: “Influenza-like illness increased in all age groups except in those aged 0-4 years. Hospitalised cases of influenza and influenza associated outbreaks in residential care facilities have also increased.”

He added: “Although flu is starting to circulate, flu activity remains at low levels.”

Dr. Kelleher advised anyone in “high risk groups” to get the flu-jab.


High risk groups include those aged 65 and older, those with lower immunity, pregnant women, those with obesity, health care workers and children and adults with chronic illness. 

He added: “People in ‘at risk’ groups can get the vaccine for free as they are at much greater risk of becoming seriously unwell if they catch flu, and sadly many end up in hospital.”

Symptoms of the flu include sore muscles, high temperature, dry cough, headache and a sore throat.

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