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23rd Feb 2023

Ireland named as the 7th safest country in Europe for tourists

Katy Thornton

We beat countries such as the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

A new study has named Ireland as the 7th safest country in Europe for tourists. In describing Ireland, the study stated that “Ireland is a nation filled with natural beauty and enveloped in history, culture and tradition”, and also drew particular attention to tourist hotspots such as Temple Bar and the Guinness Storehouse.

A country’s safety index was compiled through analysing nine metrics that contribute towards how safe an area may be such as homicides, assaults, road fatalities, natural disaster risk, and global peace index.

Each European country was given a score out of 10 for each factor, which was then totalled to provide a score on the safety index. The lower the score, the safer the country is.

Coming out on top of the pile was Switzerland, with the picturesque, alpine nation securing the lowest safety index score of just 45. Described as a “must-visit for travellers who want to see the beauty Europe has to offer”, Switzerland ranked lowest thanks to factors such as its’ low homicide rates and low levels of corruption.

Iceland, with its’ famous landscape, was named as Europe’s second safest nation to travel to, with the Norway and its idyllic fjords completing the top three. The other countries which bettered Ireland in the safety index score were Denmark, Luxembourg and Finland, with their low population densities and low violent crimes key factors.

Placing behind Ireland and finishing out the list of Europe’s top 10 safest countries to travel to, were the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

Given the tourism sector is an integral part of the Irish economy employing almost six percent of the population and providing over €5 billion of revenue annually, the news of Ireland’s status as one of Europe’s safest destinations will be welcomed greatly around the country.

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