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12th Mar 2018

Ireland v England Six Nations Tickets Being Advertised For €11k Online

Darragh Berry

Even those who go out of their way to not follow sport will know that Ireland are facing England on Paddy’s Day for a shot at the Grand Slam.

The scene has been set since the fixtures came out and what better way to finish off the amazing achievement than by beating the English on St. Patrick’s Day, in their own back yard.

If you haven’t got a ticket for the rugby match yet but are still looking to go, we don’t have great news for you. 

The Irish MIrror has said that over the weekend, tickets for the Six Nations clash were going for more than €11,000 online. 

The popularity of the match coupled with fans’ desire to go has meant that prices have gone through the roof. 

The publication said that online site Viagogo had 133 tickets for sale on Sunday, with the most expensive ticket having an asking price of €11,003.82 with the cheapest ticket on offer going for €693. were letting tickets go at a lesser, but still expensive, €1,000.

At the time of writing (Monday morning 8:30), there is now NO tickets left on and the most expensive ticket on Viagogo is no €3,200 while the cheapest is €984.

We think we’ll say at home tbh.

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