Weather Experts Fear "Beast From The East" Could Return Hard On St. Patrick's Day To Ireland

Not Paddy's Dayyyy...

Snow Ireland

The Irish Sun is saying that weather experts around the country are expecting a "Beast From The East" like attack on Ireland on St.Patrick's Day. 

It is being said by Met Éireann that there is a "50-50 chance" that the country will freeze this weekend meaning the country could go into complete shutdown once again on the most highly anticipated days of the year.

A spokesperson for the national forecaster told the publication that: 

"We would not forecast as far as the weekend. At the moment we are forecasting until Thursday. The weekend is actually quite uncertain. What we have is several low pressure systems in the mid-Atlantic at the moment.

"There is a high pressure system over Scandinavia, so it is a battle between them – basically Ireland is sitting on the fence between the low pressure and high pressure.

“I wouldn’t want to put any bets on it. With the high pressure over Scandinavia it could, literally, go either way.”

And if the below pictures are anything to go by, then it looks as though we could be definitely bracing ourselves for a cold hitting Paddy's Day. 

As long as the pubs are still open and the sport is still on, we think we'll be okay thought.

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