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14th Dec 2018

PIC: Someone Has Perfectly Explained The Difference Between An ‘Irish Exit’ And A ‘British Exit’ And It’s Spot On

Darragh Berry

As the Christmas season comes upon us, a lot of people will be using the strategy of the ‘Irish Goodbye’.

This strategy is as old as time itself. And for those of you who don’t know what it means, boy are you missing out.

The Irish goodbye allows you to disappear and before anyone has noticed, you’re already in the taxi and off home.

There’s two ways to successfully complete an Irish goodbye.

1. If you’re in an area of a pub, you can say you’re getting a drink and then scoop out the door once the coast is clear.

2. If everyone is at the bar, you just say you’re going to the toilet. Making sure there’s nobody behind you, you then make a quick exit and hope that nobody is out having a smoke.

VICE writer, Jules Suzdaltsev found the Irish goodbye fascinating and over Twitter, compared it to that of the British goodbye or a ‘Brexit’ even…

“An ‘Irish Exit’ is when you leave without saying goodbye.

“A ‘British Exit’ is when you loudly announce that you’re leaving and then wander in and out of the door while you decide if you really want to leave or not, angrily complaining the whole time,” the tweet says.

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