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24th Oct 2018

Footage Of Irish Man Brutally Attacking ‘Son’ With Wrench Has Been Circulating Heavily Online

Darragh Berry

A video of an Irish man brutally attacking what people are believing to be his ‘son’ over alleged theft has been circulating heavy online.

The eight minute video – which first surfaced on Tuesday night – shows a young man in all black being confronted by an older man who is accusing him of stealing.

The older man has his face covered in the video as the grey hoodie he is wearing is pulled up over his head.

The older man accuses the young man of stealing €6k from him and allegedly spending it on clothes, phones and cocaine.

The boy confirms that he spent some of the money buying “two grams” of cocaine and receipts of other items purchased are also shown in the clip.

The older man then pulls out a suitcase of things that the accused has allegedly brought home from London which includes two brand new phones and lots of high street and expensive clothes.

Following a brief examination of what he has bought with the alleged ‘stolen money’ the younger boy is then brutally attacked with a wrench for about 30 seconds by the older man.

He sustains blows to the arms and legs before being slapped in the face.

Some people are saying that the two are related as the older man says at one stage “don’t lie to me son”, however it is not sure whether they are in fact father and son.

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