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14th Jul 2018

Irish Mother Makes More On Social Welfare Than Someone With €115k-A-Year Job

Darragh Berry

The Irish Independent is reporting that an Irish mother told a court on Tuesday that she would need to be bringing in an income of €120,000 a year to match what she gets through state benefits.

Judge Patrick Durcan calculated all of Mary Maughan’s state benefits and told her that: “You receive around €55,000 a year in benefits and if you were paying tax and all of that, you would need an income of €120,000 a year.”

To which Maughan replied, “probably.”

Maughan is a mother of four but receives benefit for her own four children as well as two children whom she is a guardian of.

In total, she receives:

  • €358.20 in a weekly carer’s allowance
  • €352 weekly in guardian payment
  • Child benefit monthly payments of €840
  • Monthly domiciliary care allowance of €309.
  • €3,400 annually in a respite grant

Maughan confirmed that she had a bank account but did not have the bank details in court with her.

She was in court as she was put forward as a bails person to provide an independent surety for her brother who is currently on remand in prison.

Court reporter, Gordon Deegan, said she offered €1,000 to put forward as independent surety but it was decline by the judge.

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