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14th Feb 2017

Irish People Have Raised Over €400k For This Teen’s Life-Saving Treatment


In the past few days you may have heard the tragic story of 18-year-old Shauntelle Tynan, who is desperately trying to raise funds for a cancer treatment that could save her life. 

Because Shan’s particular type of cancer is so rare, there’s only one specialist in the world who can treat her – and, unfortunately, he’s based in Texas. 

For Shan to have a fighting chance at survival she needs to raise €500,000 to travel to the States for 12 months. 

The bad news on top of that is that because she needs treatment outside of the EU, Shan isn’t eligible for any Irish government financial help. Which is why her family have been pleading for the public’s help and donations to their Go Fund Me page.

Here’s where the good news comes in…

As of yesterday, Shan had raised just over €215,000 of her €500k goal.

And today? A whopping 495,592 has been raised at time of writing. 


Yep, thanks to the kindness and generosity of the Irish people’s (and donations from other kind souls abroad), Shan is almost at her end goal and with the speed at which the donations are coming in, we bet she’ll have raised her entire treatment fund by the end of today.

People have organised charity concerts, MMA fights, walks and much more since hearing Shan’s story, and it really goes to show that when you need it most, your local community will dig in and help you – even if you’re a stranger – as if you’re one of their very own.

We are so pleased that Shan is almost on her way to get the care that could save her life. 

To help Shan reach her goal click here


Image: Facebook

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