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28th Aug 2018

One Name Won’t Make It As An Irish Storm Name According To Met Éireann – And The Reason Is Bizarre

Darragh Berry

Well rock me mama like a Wagon Wheel but there seems to be one name that has been ruled out of the running of becoming a storm name here in Ireland.

According to The Irish Examiner, Met Éireann removed the name ‘Nathan’ from being elected as a storm because of country and western singer, Nathan Carter.

It seemed as though Nathan was in the running for a while when the Met Office suggested it in late 2018.

Back then, it looked as though Niall was getting the chop and Nathan would take its place.

However, in a revealed email between Met Éireann and the Met Office, Ireland’s Chief Weather Forecaster at the time, Gerald Fleming, rejected the idea.

“We have a big C&W star in Ireland called Nathan Carter, so probably best to avoid this,” he said.

Storm Names Met Eireann

Photo credit: Met Éireann

Other suggested names put in the reject pile were: “‘Tayto’, ‘Tweedledum’, ‘Tweedledee’, ‘Voldemort’, Godot and a few others”.

Sorry to all the Nathans out there but you’ll just never destroy Ireland with your 140mph wind speeds.

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