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22nd Feb 2017

This Irish Waitress Got An Incredible Surprise From A Customer


Mayo woman Imelda Murphy Sprunger has had pretty good luck.

Since she moved to Chicago 22 years ago, she has received two very generous tips while working at Nick’s Pizza and Pub. 

The first was years ago, when a regular customer called Leo gave her $1,000 so that she could make it home for her sister’s wedding.

The second was a couple of weeks ago when Leo’s daughter, Kim, came in with friends. She had an envelope containing a cheque for $2,500 (around €2,400) from a friend of Kim’s that Imelda had served years ago.

Kim said it was from her “guardian angel”.

The letter said “Imelda, here’s hoping this helps on getting you back to Ballinrobe in 2017”.

The owner of the restaurant, Nick Sarillo, put the story up on Facebook

The comments have all been very complimentary about Imelda, with people saying things like “Well deserved, you’re awesome!!”

Fair play to her, we were lucky to get €20 back in our waitressing days!

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