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22nd Feb 2017

This US State Is Banning People From Selling Kerrygold


A ban has been enforced by the American state of Wisconsin on Kerrygold butter, based around a 40-year-old state law. 

According to The Irish Independent, the law in question, made in 1970, means that all butter intended for commercial use must be put before a panel in order to sell the product. And because Kerrygold is made in Ireland, it’s subject to different rules than butter churned in the US. 

And the Wisconsin is putting its foot down. 

Kerrygold is one of Ireland’s most valuable exports, with it being atop the list of Irish emigrants’ wish lists. And it seems that the creamy butter has struck accord with our easterly neighbours…

Jeanne Kelly, a spokesperson for Kerrygold had this to say about their work in trying to lift the ban:

”Under Wisconsin legislation, retail butter for sale in Wisconsin must bear either a Wisconsin or federal grade mark. This effectively excludes Kerrygold butter being sold in Wisconsin because Kerrygold butter is graded, produced and packaged in Ireland. We are currently working with the Wisconsin authorities on a solution which will enable consumers throughout the state enjoy the great taste of Kerrygold butter.”

Wisconsin is famous for its dairy, and is favouring homegrown produce over imported goods. 

It’s rumoured that shop keepers in Wisconsin state who don’t remove Kerrygold from their shelves face fines and possible jail time.

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