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19th Dec 2017

Irish Window Tinting Ad Featuring Woman’s Body ‘On Display’ Is Found To Breach Advertising Standards

Megan Cassidy

A complaint to the ASAI regarding an Irish window tinting ad has been upheld. 

The ad, featuring a woman ‘with her breasts partly on display’, received a complaint claiming that it was ‘sexist, belittling and demeaning of women.’ 

Dublin Tint

The complaint described the ad by the Dublin Tint Company as ‘“an image of a woman sitting with her bare legs crossed”.

It goes on: 

“She is wearing a black jacket opened at the front with her breasts partly on display.

“Her arms are positioned to cover the lower part of her body. She is wearing bright red lipstick and nail polish and wears rings on both hands.

“A gold pendant necklace is draped between her breasts. The caption reads: ‘You decide what to show’.”

While the advertisers did not respond to the complaint, the ASAI expressed their “concern at the advertisers’ failure to respond to the complaint”.

ASAI chief Orla Twomey said: “As we approach the busy Christmas and New Year period, it’s important that consumers know that the ASAI is committed in their best interests to ensuring that all advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful.”

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