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04th Oct 2018

WATCH: Khabib’s Comments About Our “Language” And Country Will Piss You Off

Darragh Berry

Whether you’re like a child on Christmas Eve or you have no interest whatsoever in it, you’ll still know that Conor McGregor is returning to the octagon this weekend in UFC 229.

A title is up for grabs and McGregor is bidding to hold on to what he believes his “rightfully his” despite being ‘stripped’ of it a few months back.

His opponent is an unbeaten and skilled fighter who once “fought a bear when he was a kid” as part of his training.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has had a go at McGregor and the Irish before about our language in their first press conference.

He challenged McGregor to speak Irish and the Crumlin man whittingly told Khabib “he took a shit on the bus” as Gaeilge referring to the incident involving McGregor in New York.

However, Khabib was back at it again last night and taunted Irish fans at the open workout.

“I have a question for Ireland: What about your language?” he began.

“What about your language? What about the Irish language? Where is your language right now? What’s wrong with your language?

“Maybe it’s changing. Hey, you guys changing? You guys with England right now? Give me an answer right now. It’s very interesting.

“This guy [Conor McGregor] talks about they fight with the English empire but his grandfather, Christopher McGregor, he worked with the English navy and he killed your people.

“Now you guys support him, I’m going to change this Saturday night.”

He’s taken this to a new level.

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