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11th Apr 2018

VIDEO: Emerging Leo Varadkar Footage Being Used By Pro-Life Campaigners As Ammunition

Darragh Berry

A video of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar warning people about the aftermath of abortion is being used by Save The 8th campaigners ahead of the May referendum. 

The clip was posted on the Save The 8th Facebook page and shows Varadkar being interviewed before he was Taoiseach, discussing the matter of abortion. 

In the footage he says that: “Countries with very liberal laws like Britain for example.

“Not only did they end the life of the unborn but they also put women at risk because women can die as a result of terminations and can be injured.”

It is, however, only a 13 second snippet of a much longer interview where Varadkar goes on to add that the current abortion laws “potentially put the lives of women at risk” and that “in 20 years time that the laws we have now will be the same”.

The footage is being used by the campaigners, according to The Irish Sun, in order to remind people that the Taoiseach is a doctor and has changed his mind several times on the matter.

“He’s changed his mind on abortion seven or eight or ten times and we’d like him to tell us what medical facts have changed since he made those comments,” a spokesperson for the campaigners told the publication.

Varadkar has said lately that “the Eighth Amendment harms women” and that those in how own party are free to campaign for whatever side they want as it is a “very personal matter”.

This comes just a couple of days after pro-life posters that featured down in Cork were described as “shocking” and “obscene”. 

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