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19th Dec 2018

PIC: Leo Varadkar Caught Rapid Picking His Nose As Massive Fight Takes Place In Dáil Involving Him

Darragh Berry

Leo Varadkar got into some hot water yesterday when he made on outrageous ‘Balaclava’ comment to a Sinn Féin TD in the Dáil.

A massive fight broke out – which if you haven’t seen yet, you can find the video here – and it looked like Varadkar could have a physical fight on his hands with Pearse Doherty.

His comments were regarding the Roscommon Eviction which he blasted Sinn Féin for not condemning.

He said that when it comes to law and order, Doherty’s party weren’t long letting “the balaclava slip.”

It took some effort for the Ceann-Comhairle to calm proceedings in the Dáil but some eagle-eyed viewers were laughing their head off when the camera turned to Varadkar before the malee.

He can be seen picking his nose live-on-air before releasing he’s on camera and aborting from his nose immediately.

Leo Varadkar Picking Nose

Image via: thisisireland123456

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