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14th Mar 2018

Leo Varadkar Has Changed His Mind – He’s Inviting Donald Trump To Ireland


Keep those eyes peeled around Co. Clare for Donald Trump, because it looks like he might be on his way to Ireland on an official state visit after all. 

Last year Leo Varadkar, who wasn’t Taoiseach at the time, insisted he would not invite Donald Trump to Ireland if it were his decision but today he announced a change of mind. 

Speaking to press in Washington today, Varadkar said: “The invitation that Taoiseach Enda Kenny made to Donald Trump (last year) stands.”

“Donald Trump has invited me to Washington DC. He has invited me to his house and I think it is just normal hospitality that when someone invites you their house and their country that you reciprocate the invitation.

“I’m not into golf so I won’t be playing golf with him if he comes to Doonbeg but perhaps it will be an opportunity for him to potentially visit some of the Irish companies that invest in the US.”

Let’s just wait and see what Trump has to say in reply at a meeting with Varadkar tomorrow… 

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