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31st Aug 2018

Met Éireann Issues Update On Storm “As Strong As Ophelia” Predicted To Hit Ireland

Kiara Keane

People have been gearing up for a storm “as strong as Ophelia” in the coming weeks after weather experts issued a grim warning.

Ophelia’s 130 km/h gusts brought a fair amount of destruction to Ireland last year and the latest predictions of a “category 4 hurricane” rightly had people worried.

But before you start cancelling all your plans to leave the house for the foreseeable future, it turns out the reports might not be so accurate after all.

Met Éireann has insisted there is “nothing to worry about”, explaining:

“We don’t know where this came from, but people have nothing to worry about. This forecast is more than two weeks out. It’s very unlikely that it will hit Ireland.

“These type of cyclones in the Atlantic are normal for this time of year.”

So there you have it – looks like we won’t be getting a red alert any time soon.

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