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16th Dec 2020

Minister for Health: “Vaccine certificate is part of the implementation plan”

Rory Cashin

The vaccine certificates may potentially be required to allow entry to live events, as well as international travel.

As we get closer to the rollout date for the COVID-19 vaccine here in Ireland, more and more information is being discussed regarding how it is used and tracked effectively.

One of the many talking points revolves around a vaccine certificate, which those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine will be given.

The certificates may potentially be needed in order to get into social gatherings and live events, as well as allowed to travel, after several major airlines announced they may require passengers to have vaccination certificates in order to fly.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said the following:

“The vaccine certificate is part of the implementation plan. What we need to see is exactly what impact these vaccines have.

“The initial data is on the effectiveness of the vaccine, in other words, how well does it protect a vaccinated person from the effects of the disease?

“What is not yet known by the regulator is how effective is the vaccine at reducing transmissibility.

“When we know that kind of information, we’ll be able to make informed judgements about how exactly a certificate could be used.”

Meanwhile, the European Medicines Agency are now set to meet on Monday, December 21 to decide whether the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines will be allowed throughout Europe.

The meeting has been brought forward from Tuesday, December 29, following some heavy criticism from EU members, as the UK, the USA, and several other countries around the world have already begun their rollout.

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