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Nando’s Has A Secret Menu And It’s Actually Downright Genius

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The chain restaurant that took over the lives of every couple under the age of 24, Nando’s is the restaurant that made chicken officially cheeky cool again.

And while we’d never be caught dead telling anyone we’re going for a “cheeky Nando’s”, the news that there’s a secret menu means we will defo be saying we’re going for a “sneaky Nando’s”…

Who knew fried Peri-Peri chicken could taste even better?

Add these genius food combos to your order next date night…

Nando’s Burrito

Garlic Bread Bun Burger

Rice and Peas

And of course, people are basically just throwing a feck loada cheese on stuff…

  • Cheesy Mash 
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread

Just ask for a few slices of cheese to be placed on top of whatever takes your fancy…

Do you know any other secret menu hacks?

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